The documentary “1000 Years Witness of the Light” will be aired on MTV on April 15, 2022.
At the same time it would be available online on the official YouTube channel of the Bigorski Monastery. The online link would be made available a few days before the airing of the film.


YouTube premiere

“1000 years Witness of the Light” – documentary film about the Bigorski Monastery

Every thousand years a rare flower blossoms at the Bigorski Monastery, testifying of another kind of beauty – not of this world. This is that exact beauty, that element, the fifth one, which is the very essence and meaning of the well-known four elements. It is that same thing which many enlightened and wise philosophers placed in the centre, as the essential meaning of enlightenment, therefore confirming that “Beauty will save the world”.

This film is about that particular “Beauty”, which has already saved the world once…

„The Witness of the Light” transcends, setting up a foundation for a very different documentary approach towards the Bigorski Monastery. Until now, we were used to, mainly, the reportage aspect of it. This film opens a prospective for originality, authenticity, proximity, and experience. It is in coherence with the tradition and the narrative, but still offers something new and original, something of its own. Without these things the film remains closed in its horizon or flat.

Director & Writer : Ilija Iko Karov

Actor: Blagoi Veselinov


Actor: Blagoi Veselinov

Blagoi Veselinov was born on February 27, 1984 in Kochani. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

Mr Veselinov is an actor renowned for his rendering of many roles, both in theatre plays (over 30 theatrical premieres) and in films (over 16 roles in feature films and more than 20 roles in short films). He also took part in many TV projects. Being such an exquisite acting talent, he was immediately recognised and many times awarded in our country and abroad. Among the more prominent awards was the one from the Berlin festival “Shooting Stars“, which was awarded by the European Film Promotion Platform, for his role in the film titled “The Healer” in 2019.

His parent theatrical house is the Macedonian National Theatre (MNT).

Blagoj Veselinov


Eliah Iko Karov

Answering the question: “When will the film about the millennial jubilee be finished?”, I would abruptly answer with a solemn voice: “At the celebration of the second millennium jubilee”.

M.Sc. Vlatko Delovski ethnologist and culturologist

The documentary “A Millennial Witness of the Light” is clear, the author easily builds trust with the audience; he loves, understands and of course, gives a sense of security and simplicity, challenging the viewer to a profoundly intimate expectation – a boldness which comes to change him.