“1000 Years Witness of the Light” at the Manaki Brothers Festival

premiera film 1000 godini svedok na svetlinata 080

Dear all,

We are thrilled to inform you that the documentary film “1000 Years Witness of the Light” by KAT Production will be shown on August 24, 2022 (Tuesday), as part of the Manaki Brothers Festival. The screening is scheduled for 8:30 PM, at the plateau in front of the Officers’ Club in Bitola. The projection is open and free for all interested attendees.

We would like to remind you that the film “1000 Years Witness of the Light,” directed by Ilija Iko Karov, was created to celebrate the grand millennium jubilee of the sacred Bigorski Monastery, celebrated in 2020. The film had its gala premiere at the Macedonian National Theatre on April 15 this year and has garnered significant interest and positive reviews from film enthusiasts worldwide.

The “1000 Years Witness of the Light” screening at the Manaki Brothers Film Festival adds to the documentary’s acclaim, showcasing its significance at a prestigious venue. The Manaki Brothers Festival, held in Bitola, North Macedonia, since 1979, honors cinematography pioneers Yanaki and Milton Manaki. Known for its Camera 300 award, the festival celebrates cinematic achievements and has attracted international film stars, making it an ideal platform for “1000 Years Witness of the Light” to gain further recognition and reach a wider audience​​.