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Every thousand years a rare flower blossoms at the Bigorski Monastery, testifying of another kind of beauty – not of this world. This is that exact beauty, that element, the fifth one, which is the very essence and meaning of the well-known four elements. It is that same thing which many enlightened and wise philosophers placed in the centre, as the essential meaning of enlightenment, therefore confirming that “Beauty will save the world”.


This film is about that particular “Beauty”, which has already saved the world once…

In fact, the film “A millennial witness of the Light” is a bouquet of ever-fresh flowers from the thousand years old garden of St. John the Baptist at the Bigorski Monastery.

Amid the distortions caused by the numerous ideologies which emerge from all the corners of our daily life, being privileged to approach this film as an author meant to stand fearlessly in the front lines of the rebellion… that’s the rebellion which Walters speaks about in the film.

The real, the final rebellion! 

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Production Team

Thanks to all the team members, without whom this documentary would not have happened.


Eliah Iko Karov was born on March 29, 1986, in Skopje.

He graduated from “Lazar Lichenoski”, a secondary school for fine arts, where he attained the basic knowledge of the classic fine art.

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Ilija Iko Karov
Blagoj Veselinov


Blagoi Veselinov was born on February 27, 1984 in Kochani. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

Mr Veselinov is an actor renowned for his rendering of many roles, both in theatre plays (over 30 theatrical premieres) and in films (over 16 roles in feature films and more than 20 roles in short films).

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Eliah Zogovski is a professional cinematographer, born in 1982 in Skopje. He graduated from the Faculty of Film Camera in Bucharest, Romania, where he continued working for 5 years and managed to open his own production house. In 2008, he entered the official selection of the Canes Film Festival, with his graduation film, where he acts not only as a cinematographer but also as a producer.

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Ilija Zogovski
Branko Blazevski


Branko Blazevski was born on January 1, 1987. He finished high school at “Koco Racin” and then continued his education at “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, where he graduated from the Faculty of Economy. Still, Branko decided to follow his dream and powerful invocation to dedicate himself to the beautiful – the arts – which he has been deeply connected with all his life.

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Goran Kostadinov was born on July 14, 1982 in Kavadarci. His great interest in cinematic arts takes him to the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria, where he graduated from the department of TV and film directing.

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Goran Kostadinov
Goran Trajkovski


Goran Trajkoski is a Macedonian composer of theatre and film music, instrumentalist, vocal performer, founder and composer of the rock groups The Fall of Byzantium and Anastasia. He has collaborated on several record releases and performed with many eminent bands and musicians from the alternative scene. He has also collaborated with cult folk artists and performers of traditional music from our region. He studied English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje and was educated in music at the school of Pece Atanasovski. He made his first music for a theatre play in 1989, and composed music for more than 80 theatre plays and movies in R. С. Macedonia and abroad.

Today he works as a music collaborator at the Macedonian National Theater (MNT).

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The Film Crew

Screenwriter Eliah Iko Karov • Ass. Director Branko Blazhevski, Goran Kostadinov • Camera operator Nikola Grncharov, Kristijan Todorovski, Aleksandar Ivanovski, Stojan Stojanovski, Tome Ljushev, Aleksandar Paunovski • Master Drone operator Darko Danilov • Drone operator Bojan Marinkovikj, Aleksandar Donchev, Kristijan Ljushev, Stojan Stojanovski, Kostas Klitsogiannis

• Sound design Branko Blazevski • Prodiction sound recording Simon Kiprovski, Aleksandar Todorovski, Bratislav Zafirovski • Voice Over recording Sashko Micevski, Darko Dimitrievski, Marko Gjurgik • Rerecording Mixer Bratislav Zafirovski

• Director of photography and camera operator of the trailer Goran Kuzmanovski • Ass. Editor Nikola Grncharov • The gaffer Sashko Stojanovski • 3D animation Gjorgij Dimovski • Producer Ilija Zhogovski, Branko Blazhevski • Executive producer Eliah Iko Karov • Post-production Branko Blazevski • Make-up Elena Cvetkovska • Graphic design Marija Micevska


Testimony Jovan Mileusnikj, Hristina Mileusnikj, Martin Georgjievski Valter, Branko Boguchevski, Dushanka Bojadjieva Participate Daniel i Gerasim Kolevski

KAT Production

CAT Production has been established almost 20 years ago, with the purpose of enrichment and better promotion of art and culture.

From the very beginning, CAT focuses on the younger generations, having in mind their education and creativity, as well as the promotion of these values. In this regard, it has produced many kids’ series, some of which were international, realized in cooperation with several Balkan countries. This production also took part in two international music festivals for children, organised summer youth and children camps three times in a row and even staged several children’s theatric plays. In co-production with the Children’s Creative Centre, CAT founded the first city children’s choir “The Kids of Skopje”.

Since CAT is a zealous protector of nature and wildlife, it has also produced some videos for the sake of protecting and promoting animal species, among which the documentary „The pets that marked 20th century – Red Ear Slider“, as well as short videos promoting the natural building. In the period from 2015 till 2020, in cooperation with the Public Health Institute, it organized ceremonious events for the celebration of World Water Day (March 22).

During its 20 years long existence, CAT produced many video clips, among which several commercial videos – TV commercials, corporate and promotive videos. It has also produced a few corporate documentaries, as well as two feature documentaries, one of which is the film “1000 Years Witness of the Light”.

Besides the production of videos, films, and the organization of events and plays, CAT is also dedicated to publishing. So far it has published more than 30 belletristic and around 20 professional titles in the field of education, communication and design